Ashagi Umbrella Corporation Edit

The Ashagi Umbrella falls into the gray area between company and nation-state: It controls vast amounts of territory and people, is subject to few World Union laws, and keeps a standing army that places it on the first tier of world powers. The corporation itself does little, instead functioning through its innumerable subsidiary firms, responsible for everything from nuclear reactors to common foodstuffs. As a result, it is very difficult to assign responsibility for damage caused by the corporation. This near-impenetrable legal shield helped the firm reach its current level of impunity, a level it cemented with it's recent cooperations with the United Aerospace Corporation.

Ashagi Biomedical Edit

The well-known Ashagi Biomedical is a multibillion dollar pharmaceutical multi-national corporation that is best known for making inexpensive and often lifesaving drugs. Recently Ashagi Corporation (Ashagi Biomedical's research company) received authorization to open a small research facility in Midian City. Although its plans to replace an existing building with a cutting edge research facility were halted in the city planning board due to 'historical concerns'. However, despite that setback, the Ashagi laboratory is indubitably a beacon of hope to the downtrodden Midian population - at least ostensibly. In reality, rumors abound as to the nature of the research being conducted at the facility, of the heavily armed guards that come and go at odd hours of the night, of the disappearances and of the lost-looking hybrids wandering the streets with expensive control collars around their necks. Ashagi is many things, but altruistic is not one of them.

Ashagi Biotechnical & Asgard Armaments Edit

Two of Ashagi Biomedical's sister corporations, Ashagi Biotech and Asgard were two of the companies to experience the largest profits during the war. This success came from both demanding (and receiving) obscene amounts for their products, and for their once-controversial decision to supply both sides. By war's end, this had become common business practice as multi-national corporations became factions unto themselves, but when it was first announced there were calls on both sides to boycott Ashagi products for their lack of nationalist ethics.

Controversies Edit

The first research head at Ashagi - Merana Levy - was an enigma to many: There were largely-unconfirmed allegations that her past had been deliberately covered up by the corporation. All that was certain was that research in the usual channels found no evidence of her existence. This, compounded with the fact that Ashagi's drugs go from conception to passing WU health-inspection months and sometimes years faster than those of their competitors has led to rumors of human testing and other less savory methods of income, far outstripping their mere pharmaceutical revenue.

Recruitment Edit

For questions regarding the faction, please contact Tempestual Parkin or Amara Parmelee in-world.

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