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Belfry Hills Sanitarium

Belfy Hills, located in Apocalypse, has a long storied history. Originally located on the mainland city of Leviathon, the hospital went through several incarnations, including a prosperous stint as Levi's full service med/surg/psych facility catering to Levites and UAC alike. That location was destroyed by fire in early 20xx along with a large portion of the city block. Due to several events, including one of the largest bank heists in recent history, Leviathon took a downturn with the UAC greatly scaling down and the new owner of Belfry Hills, Dr. Jenness Sautereau, decided to go back to Belfry's roots and purchased property in Apocalypse focusing solely on Psychiatric Therapies, including cutting edge neurosurgery and treatments that were often frowned upon by the heavily regulated WU Healthcare Services and Patient Rights Administration.Currently patients manage to come in from all over the globe, many having exhausted all conventional means of help, hoping for cures from the most difficult to treat psychiatric and neurological disorders and diseases.

Belfry Hills hires Therapists, Psychiatrists and Neurosurgeons, as well as, various medical support staff and security. Belfry also employs full-time computer technician and maintenance staff, as well as, office support.
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Belfry accepts walk-ins and appointments 24hrs a day. Contact Dr. Jenness Sautereau (JennSTX Sautereau), Dr. Vallek Zander or Nexus Quar.

Belfry Hills new charitable outreach program , H.U.G.S(Helping Us Give Sanity), designed on protecting the community and providing needed social services to those in crisis is looking for the following individual(s):

Public Safety and Animal Control Workers (SOC 33.9099): Position requires experience in identifying, diffusing, and then detention of persons and hybrids that have become a danger to themselves or others due to severe mental disturbances or breakdowns. This will go in conjunction with our 24HR helpline 1-888-Giv-Hugs so several shifts are needed.

Help Belfry Help Keep Our Community Healthy and Safe!
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