"You either love them or hate them. They are the grotesque Circus Freaks who have taken over the end of the pier Fun House on the beach. I personally think that this circus horribulus is a breath of fresh air, excitement and headachingly vibrant colours. I feel Midian City is made infinately richer because they are here in town." - Anne Henley

Currently inactive, the Circus Freaks' Funhouse is now the residence of the Anomalia Circus


From a notecard on the circus freaks:


Members Edit

The Ringleader Edit

Seems to be the one that the others look up to. He's caring towards the others and opens up to anyone. [ more info to come ]

Characteristics: puppet strings around his head, signs of decay and rot, wears a pinstripe suit, and a cane.

The Clockwork man Edit

Characteristics: Head is made of glass with gears encased inside, wears a shirt covered with buttons, has a visable gear where the heart should be, and has a wind up in his back.

Rachel Edit

Seems to pair up nicely with the man with the pig face. She is a little slower than normal and seems to get in mischief more than the others.

Characteristics: Hard to not recognize. She is riding in a car-like mechanism that seems to break down often, she wears head set like a retainer holding her mouth open, ruined make-up or so it seems. A little slower then the rest.

Gatorman Edit

He seems to be the main protector of his family, willing to do whatever to protect them no matter what anyone says. I'll look into finding a weak side of him.

Characteristics: Has a head of a gator, seems to wear a zebra scarf around his neck, brown reptile skin, shiny teeth.

Achtai Edit

Geona Edit

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