-=ThE FiGhT PiT=-

Where the labyrinth of sewers and canals eventually lead, a central purging point where all the filth and debris of Midian City gathers and collects, you'll find ...... the Pit.

There is more than raw sewage to be found in the Pit. There is gold, blood and glory!

The Pit is a modern gladiator arena. A bloody spectacle. A violent form of entertainment for which people are willing to pay top dollar to watch. A good Pit Fighter who wins the hearts of the crowd can earn a small fortune as well as the gifts of women, drugs and other earthly pleasures.

A Pit Fighter may work for themselves, for thier own glory and honour, for the right to be the Tournament Champion and the offer of riches for the right to stand toe to toe with an opponent and say "I AM".

A Pit Fighter may also be indentured to a faction. Factions can make big bucks betting on their fighters, some whisper that a faction can make bigger bucks betting against their Fighter.. speaking of thrown fights.

Factions may use their indentured fighters for political means, betting territories, the honor of their faction or settling disputes.

The Pit of course has its own Fighters too. Its own stock of athletes who are equally as hungry for the title as the free and indentured pit fighters.

The crowd enter the stalls.. they await with baited breath. A vendor walks round selling hot dogs loudly calling his birdsong .. "Getcha Hot Dogs, " whilst other individuals work the crowd a little quieter..some selling drugs, some selling sex, others picking pockets. The drums roll... The announcer introduces the fighters.... Two warriors enter the arena... the crowd cheers....Only one warrior can leave.

The Pit Fighters are usually armed with all manners of weapons, meaning occassionally a spectator may be caught in the line of fire. This is the Pit. You will not be compensated if you are accidently hit, your admission ticket is your consent note.

Be warned... the Pit is not a nice place. You will find no refinement there. Sheer anarchy and barbarism are the ethos. There are no laws, no boundaries, no rules, only the demands made by the last one standing.

For any questions beyond this, please contact us:

The Fight Pit Boss: Marina Storaro or The Fight Pit Bookie: Forgetten Tomorrow

Drop an IM if you want to introduce yourself as a potential Pit Fighter or to be added to "-Midian City- The Pit" as a watcher. The Group is for announcements regarding events and tournaments and is as well used for some of the Pit-RP-events due to the size of the combat arena.

Please also feel free to contact if your faction would like to coordinate gameplay using the Fight Arena for combat, etc.----

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