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A dingy, small office far off in the Apocalypse district contains a printing press, remnants of posters, paper and ink, and little else. Advertisement leaflet posted at the door announces printing services - business cards, posters, flyers, and the like. Cobwebs and filth coat everything inside, leaving one to think the place is derelict, forgotten, a pre-war relic perhaps. But late at night, the presses turn, the gears working to bring you the underground. The news not covered anywhere else...

What may not be obvious to the casual eye: The printing office is a cover for the much more modern, underground internet-based publication called the Freetown Independent. If asked, the employees will tell you that the place only serves as the graphic design shop for their advertisements, posters and flyers.

The true independent source in Midian, run by Midian residents, for Midian residents, with no big money or UAC influence. That other paper, the one they want you to read -- even the name implies that Midian and freetowns are cesspools. Convenient propaganda -- it sells the message the World Union wants you to believe even if you don't read past the front page.

The free, the independent, the rebels who will fight against any outside influence, bringing you the REAL news.


Advertisements about town and the online news give an email address to reach out to for any of the following roles, as well as leads or information about advertising. (( IM Phoebe Scribe in world))

  • Reporter
  • Editor
  • Photographer
  • Contributor


  • The Freetown Independent is meant to be a roleplay tool, first and foremost.
  • There will be truth... and there will be slander, there will be untruths and flat out lies.
  • Guest writers? Ghost writers? Want to hack into the site? It's all fair game. It's a roleplay tool.
  • It will be online, available on vidnet screens, computer terminals as well as anyone who has online access via cell phones or Darknet. That should cover the bulk of Midian really, given the pervasive use of cell phones, etc.
  • We won't publish paper editions, and will strive to post news when it happens

Contact Phoebe Noble or Fenna DeCuir in world for more information.

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