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Oh ye steadfast droogs, blood hot with the sounds of the city and scarred ladies, fallen to the night's insincerity. Oh ye ramblers, creepers, striders and stumblers. Oh ye captains of sin and crusaders of lost causes. Oh ye lost and found.

Step with me, into the right dark alley, and quench thy thirsts with the Milk of Midian, poured cold or hot, pure or corrupt, dark or light.

Cast off thy shackles of the day, and embrace the sight, or feel, of those chains more pleasurable...those restraints that offer freedom. Enjoy the smell of leather and latex and the sweat that drips from precious actions.

Relaxation is found, in our darks rooms, and laughter and wickedness, and those calm moments before a welcomed storm.

Share a few of life's moments with us, and drink to freinds, enemies and strangers that will cross our paths.

But at the head of us is a woman, warm and friendly to most, but protective of her family. You treat us right and you will find an open door and welcoming drink and maybe somebody to make you forget the worries of this island.

Korova Milk Bar

Owner - Liberte Kesten Manager - Alric Bravin

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