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Midian City Lycan Application

  • Character name:
  • AV Name:
  • Current species:
  • Date submitted/agreed to:
  • How long have you been playing in Midian?
  • If this is a new character, we appreciate if you tell us which alts you use in Midian. This infomation will be held in the strictist confidence and we ask so that we know who we are playing with and your experience roleplaying.
  • Do you understand the hunting rules and "Laws of the Jungle" for Lycan characters in Midian?
  • Do you understand the severe IC penalties of revealing oneself as a lycan, and agree to abide by them? This is in effect, consenting to permadeath should it be discovered. PLEASE NOTE: If you refuse to the possibility of being IC killed for breaches, you will be ejected from the group and subject to OOC moderation should you continue to play illegally.
  • As stated in the rules, lycans start as lone wolves, to be invited later to the Skinwalkers faction in character if they are deemed a good fit. If you are interested in eventually becoming a Skinwalker, continue with the questions below:
  • Are you interested in playing one of mothers natures elite fighting forces or are you interested in playing a simple beast?
  • In your own words tell us why you want to play either a member of the skinwalker faction or a lone wolf? What do you hope to gain from the roleplay? What kind of roleplay are you looking for? Be as thorough and share as much of your expectations and motivations as possible!

Please create a notecard inworld called "Midian City Lycan Application (Your AV Name)" and return the completed card to Fenris Skall, Ikira Karu or Makoce Metaluna.

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