The M41A Pulse Rifle was the primary weapon of the UAC during the early years after the War. It has since been faded out with the advent of DNA recognition software arms, but it is a solid, multi-functional weapon picked up with great enthusiasm by various military and paramilitary groups.

It is an air cooled, gas-operated pulse-action assault rifle which uses a 10mm caseless cartridge. The round is designed to inflict serious damage, boasting a steel-jacketed, high exlposive armour peircing tip. For even more firepower, the rifle sports an underslung 30mm pump-action grenade launcher. Despite its small size the magazine can hold 99 rounds, though it is usually only loaded with 95 to decrease the chances of jamming. The grenade launcher can hold 3 grenades at once.

The underslung grenade launcher can be removed and a 12 gauge pump-action shotgun fitted in it's place for close quarters and door-entry maneuvers.

The rifle derives its name from its unique firing mechanism which uses electronic pulses rather than a firing pin to ignite its propellant. This lowers the amount of moving parts that the weapon needs to operate, as well as improving its rate of fire.

It also features an electronic LED ammo counter. The rifle is made mostly from lightweight alloys and plastics and its electronics are powered by a lithium battery located in its handle. As a result, it is surprisingly portable and very reliable.

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