Midian Police Department Edit

Atop the pyramid of the unhinged, unsavory and undesirable swirling mix of the Midian City populace stands the Midian Police Department (MPD). With no set of laws to enforce, how does a 'police department' operate? Spend some time around an officer of the force, and you may find out.


The MPD has jurisdiction over the entire island with the following exceptions:

1. The Midian Park - Police authority here is vested in the Midian Park Rangers. MPD will not pursue suspects into the park, though they may request assistance from Park rangers. While this may seem to be a good place to hide from the law, there are multiple things in the park that make life difficult for a fugitive. Any fugitive contemplating refuge here may find the saying "You are crunchy and taste good with ketchup" to be helpful.

2. UAC territory, most specifically the bunker in Apocalypse.

While MPD jurisdiction includes all of Midian and Apocalypse, officers rarely enter alleyways, sewers or the area known as "The Ruins". These are extremely dangerous, dark, treacherous parts of the island and those entering these areas should be aware that there will likely be no routine patrols. So, if you want help, and you've wandered into the dark, good luck!

Recruitment Edit

The Midian Police Department is always accepting applications. They can be found by clicking the infobox outside the Police Station on Main Street, or by contacting any MPD officer, most specifically Chief Alegria Dagostino and Captain Esha Rajal.

Recruits to the MPD go through a maximum two-week training period where they will be watched not only for IC understanding and aptitude but OOC RP skill. Never fear! Those who need help learning Midian RP will have plenty of opportunity to learn under the experienced players of the MPD.

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