The Midian City Mercenary Guild

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When bad guys like Jesse James roamed the country, sheriffs would put up 'Wanted' posters offering huge rewards for the capture of this badguy. Bounty-hunters answered the call, tracked the bad guy down and cashed in. A carreer in bount hunting can be dangerous, yet rewarding.

Heads you live, tails you die. A 50/50 chance, life or death.

Today, in ways we still work the same. However bad guy can be replaced by -any guy- and sheriff can be replaced by Guildmaster. (Rogue) Bounty hunters from across the city, come to the Guild office for a job. The Guild will try to match the contracts to a suitable bounty hunter. Where one person is very skilled in close encounters, the other is more skilled in sniping. They offer slots to anyone out there, as long as they have the skills and the right attitude for this job..

The Guild turns blood to money. They are a ruthless bunch of individuals from a huge variety of backgrounds. People with wires crossed in their minds who love the adrenaline rush when they are about to kick a door down and wonder if there's heavy firepower waiting for them at the other side. Soldiers that have been left after the war scarred and useless to their governments, gathered together to serve those who don't want or can't afford to get their hands dirty. It's like any job really, only with guns, greed and no morals.

With the words of Major Moore, founder of the Guild:
“Some people can’t afford to get their hands dirty. Some people make a living out of the dirt.”

There is a person that needs to vanish? A certain person who needs to be watched? You need to buy guns, technical equipment or simply need some skilled killers who ask no questions?

The place to go would be the Midian City Guild, parallel to the Church. This is the home of those who will kill for you money. The lack of morals and the greed for money reigns their day. You may curse them, but if you have the amount of money that is needed for a contract, you have a brutal but effective army of your own..
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