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Midian City Cancer Crushers"


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We are the Midian City Cancer Crushers. We are an Out Of Character fundraising team. We support the Second Life Relay for Life ( please see: ). The Relay for Life is the fundraising efforts put forth by the American Cancer Society. The American Cancer Society is a key organization that helps support families who have or are going through cancer treatments. It also supports cancer research ( please see: ).

The 2009 Midian City Cancer Crushers team is raising money to fight cancer by reaching out to the Midian community, as well as the rest of the meta-verse. We are planning some enjoyable events that combine both our love for Role Play on Midian with our desire to fundraise for the ACS and RFL.

Please join us in our endeavors in Second Life. The relay season goes from March 14, 2009 until July 19, 2009. Join the group: Midian City Cancer Crushers by searching for it under group search, or visit Bailey Dazy's profile and check her group list.

If you would like, please donate to any Midian City Cancer Crusher donation kiosk. Every linden dollar counts! In 2008, the Second Life Relay for Life raised appoximately 211,000 USD (that's U.S. Dollars, not Linden Dollars folks)!!

Remember: One World, One Hope!

Go Relay!
Bailey Dazy & MJ Massey (Midian City Cancer Crusher Captains)

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Items Edit

  • ADORABLE RFL themed wearable Cupcakes (made by Elise Capalini of Cupcakes & Poetry):
  • Beautiful cabana style small cottage/house (made by Elise Capalini of Capalini Cottages):
  • special edition Relay for Life, purple and white twin sized bed (made by Bianca Bender):
  • Relay for Life themed Neko Tail and Ears (made by Bianca Bender):
  • RFL Handwamers! Show your RFL pride with these purple and white handwamers! (made by Bianca Bender
  • Relay for Life Panda- hand held, animated (made by Ivy Suen of Faceless):


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These items can be found at at least one of our four locations:
(Angel Square Market)
(A Starlust Sim)
(Role Play sim by Dark City)

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