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Another world war come and gone.

And miraculously once again the big red button was not pushed. So the world and the life that clings ever more precariously to its surface lived to see another dawn. Those that fought and survived the carnage of this latest high tech machine war returned home to find little had changed. And those that had no real homes dispersed like shadows into the darkness of the great sprawls of urban chaos which the world’s cities had now become cities like Midian.

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02/10/09/Midian Wikia For Dummy's
Created with preliminary help for those of you who are new to the wiki. Midian Wikia For Dummy's

01/22/09/Character page template
When creating your character page please see Character Page: Template and follow the directions. This template is based for use for midian city and the default character page you see when you initially attempt to make a new page is inferior. Thank you for your assistance!

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Welcome to Midian City. We hope you enjoy your stay. Enter, live the adventure and never leave. Midian City - A Dark RP Community

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