The Midian City Judges were a group of well-organized and equipped vigilantes formed when the officers of the MPD laid down their badges and walked away from a City Hall led by a corrupt mayor who was proven to have ties to the UAC. Their mission continued to be to uphold a free Midian, and do their best to keep the worst of the crime kept under control.

The Judges were led by Commander Alegria Dagostino, and operated for nearly eight months until funding ran out and they slowly began to disband. The last of them finally giving up, the city was left with no semblance of law enforcement. The Midian City Civil Guard was little more than thugs, and never showed much interest in serving the people.

Weeks after the Judges' dissolution, Mayor Jade Steele reinstated the MPD, and most Judges were able to regain their positions as officers with the force.

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