Neko (猫, ねこ) is the Japanese word for the domestic cat.

Neko came to mean human-feline hybrid after the 3rd Great War. Experiments were run on combining human DNA with that of other animals to produce stronger, faster and fiercer soldiers for the world's armies. Most of these experiments were deemed illegal but shadow subsidiaries continued to supply the world governments with black ops specialists that could leap 3 stories in the air, had inhuman reflexes and senses far above the peek of human ability. Originaly bred sterile, lapses in oversight saw a degredation in the DNA mapping sequence. Hybrid operatives saw a spike in personality, exhibiting free will and judgement and, eventually, the ability to procreate with other hybrids and humans.

Many fled into exile during the war after these lapses became known. The world governments, terrified of what might happen should the public learn they'd played God with human genetics, initiated a Pogrom that saw hybrids hunted down and slaughtered by the hundred. Many who survived fled to Midian city, where they kept to themselves and eventually worked their way into the every day life of the misbegotten city. Very few long-time residents of Midian bat an eye at seeing a girl with cat's ears and a tail strutting down mainstreet, or an officer of the law with canine ears and nose.

In Midian City, some Nekos have banded together to form the Catwalkers or The Strays, while others join the Pack or roam as strays.

As hybrids, nekos are currently at war with the UAC, striving to live free and unleashed. Giving way to revolutions such as the NRA.

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