Phoebe Noble

Phoebe Noble, age 13

Vital statistics
Title Co-Editor, Freetown Independent
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Freetown Independent, Midian Park Rangers
Health 100%
Level on the level.
Status Finding trouble.
Location Apocalypse


  • Family:
    • Father: Charles Noble (deceased)
    • Mother: Cait Thibodeaux (deceased)
    • Siblings: Remy Noble, Maeve Noble, Arabella Steig (not in Midian)
  • Age range: 20s

The soil in southern Louisiana's swamp country -- it's marshy, unstable, and will sink beneath you when you least expect it. To take root, it takes something special.

The roots of a cypress sink into it, make their home amongst the reeds, crocodiles, and other swamp life that threaten to choke out less hardy stuff. Those same roots unfurl upward, break the surface and take in air. The tree stands for centuries, unwavering, despite famine, hurricanes, and infestations.

Like the bald cypress that inhabit those swamps, and much like her mother was, this girl's made of that hardscrabble material.

Once uprooted from the bayous, her roots tenaciously sank into Midian, determined from the start.


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