A scene a term used to describe a role-play that takes place in Midian. It can be planned or impromptu and may include two characters talking, or whole groups of people interacting. It is seperate from a story line in that it ends when the characters stop interacting, or when certain criteria have been met. A story line is typically made up of several scenes.

Example: In a scene, two shifty people are talking about smuggling weapons into Midian via Oceanic Imports. Someone overhears this and heads to the MPD to report them as soon as they are finished their talk. That is the end of the scene because all the participants in the role-play have stopped interacting with eachother for now. If the witness found an MPD officer shortly after, that would be the start of a new scene because new characters are interacting.

Scene is a loose term and can be defined however the players concerned choose to. This is provided as one possible explanation.

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