The Four Horsemen has been handed down in the Noble family since 1881, miraculously surviving the Apocalypse test in the southern part of the island... but not a fire that engulfed the place one night in October 20XX (October 19th, 2010).

Phoebe grew up there and has decided since her father owned the land in which the bar was situated on, she'd enlist a partner who has the monetary backing that she trusts to rebuild. Sure, her father would roll over in his grave if he knew who she got the money from, but he ain't coming back...right? Regardless, the Horsemen rises from the ashes with the partnership of Fenna DeCuir, the infamous Guildmaster.

On the surface, it's a bar. Dim lights, thick smoke and loud music, occasional events like the Coyote Ugly dancing, mud wrestling and things to keep the crowd coming. Though you'll hardly want to find yourself without your faculties -- and who knows, maybe you will despite your best efforts -- around these two ladies.

Rules IC (Consider these posted visibly):

-> No weapons to be brought into the bar. -> Bar staff are allowed to carry weapons in the defense of the bar, they may not use them in a "fair fight" -> Anyone who brings a weapon inside may find themselves shot, raped, electrocuted, whatever the management deems fit.

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