Wintermute Industries is a mainland multinational corporation founded immediately after the last world war by a group of intelligence officers who believed they could act as agents to prevent future conflicts by surgically targeting aggressors before they again threatened global security. The view attracted many former military personnel, resulting in Wintermute having one of the best staffs of any post-war PMC, and as a result the company profited enormously. Unlike some similar corporations, Wintermute does not function as a nation-state, nor does it keep a large standing army. Instead, its agents are dispersed throughout society, rarely in groups larger than 50. These groups then wait for orders from the Wintermute Board, a shadowy group very few people have actually seen face to face. Because of this fragmentation, it is very hard to ascertain who exactly Wintermute employees are - they may live for years in cover before exposing themselves to destroy a strategically significant target, and separating deep-cover agents from civilians is near-impossible.

History in Midian Edit

During the UAC adventurism of December 2008, the Catwalkers elected to craft their own response group - a secret group who would be able to strike UAC targets without compromising the Catwalkers' diplomatic position. Wintermute was a logical choice given the company's corporate culture, although one flaw exists - nobody is sure whether or not the corporation actually has a presence in the city, and is - for reasons unknown - letting the Catwalkers use the name, or whether they have ignored the possibility of deployment into the free zone.

Wintermute Industries Logo

Wintermute's Logo

Personnel Edit

The corporation's Midian Commanding Officer is Reilly Anderson, distinguished by her red hair and thick (genteel) Southern accent. However, attempts to find significant information on Reilly or her employees is exceedingly difficult: Wintermute's offices cannot be found, and its workers seem to disappear for vast amounts of time.

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