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Yahsotigi Takashi
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XRM Type-J 12

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Excerpt from Ashagi Corporation: Initial Report

Name: Yahso, A=Class HERU XRM Type-J 12.
Species: Homo Sapien/Pteropodidae Eonycteris Spelaea (fruit bat)

Design Purpose: Reconnaissance, espionage

Yahso was designed with the purpose of using the unique abilities of the bat brain to convert ultrasonic auditory information as 3D visualizations of the subjects surroundings.

Yahso is designed to have a symbiotic relationship with her cybernetic armor. Without it, her perceptions of the world are jumbled and incoherent because of over sensitive sensory organs. Yahso also lacks the ability to transmit sonar signals though she has the ability to detect them.

Yahso's armor is designed to filter out useless information. The helmet will convert the echo detection signals into visual information. Ideally Yahso's brain will be able to understand the echo detection signals without the use of her eyes, simply recreating the images in her mind from the sensory input, but this has yet to be tested.

As well Yahso's gloves include a digital holographic interface for accessing Ashagi computer ports. Backups of infrared, standard radio bandwidths and microwave interfaces are also located in Yahso's gloves.

To assist in this, Yahso was grown with optical fibers along her major nerves to transmit at a higher bandwidth.

Yahso is lighter then a standard human, and has a lighter and more fragile bone structure. Normally this would provide an increased agility, but this is greatly hampered by the bulkiness of her armor.

Yahso digestive chemistry is very close to that of the fruit bat, so she is expected to require a diet high in fructose. The subject could live healthily on a diet of fruit juice or fruit puree. She also has no ability to metabolize meat, this will make her very sick.

During Yahso's growth, she will be programmed with many skills including history, languages, hacking and computer use, a knowledge about her place and a loyalty to her owners. Yahso is designed to get self satisfaction from accomplished jobs, without questioning those jobs.


Notes after her awakening:

Given the premature removal from the growing vat, Yahso's programming seems highly incomplete. It's unknown at this time if the programming is integrated into her mind and it has not internalized yet or it just did not hold. The easiest example is she should have been speaking normally within minutes of awakening.

As well, Yahso seems overly dependent on her eyes and helmet display. I do not know if this is again a learning process or if the theory of her being able to go without her eyes because of her neural anatomy being similar is wrong.


Notes a few weeks later:

Yahso is still dependent on her eyes, I've given up hope on her discovering hidden abilities. She seems intelligent and curious, but lacks any sign of programmed knowledge.

I consider this experiment a failure and after her next set of recon missions, I'll be signing the order to terminate her and use her equipment for Yahso version 3.

~Stephan Frontenac

Ashagi Labs, CEO

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