Midian City YakuzaEdit

Yoshikawa FamilyEdit


Nerio Yoshikawa

Shika Nakamura

(Males should contact Nerio and females should contact Shika for information on the faction)

The Yakuza Organization

The Yakuza see themselves as Machi-yakko, the people's rescuer and helper. Far before any working courts existed in Japan, Yakuza existed. If your clan's chief couldn't or wouldn't help in a dispute that you had with someone, you could turn to the local Yakuza for help. They solved the problem in return for an amount of money. This is true even today. However, be prepared for the problem to be solved, frequently, in a more brutal manner than if you had turned to the police.

For Yakuza it doesn't matter where you come from or from which class of society you belong. You can become a member anyway. Yakuza takes care of the misfits in the society. Yakuza members can be youths that have been abandoned by their parents, youths that not have managed the high pressure from the school, refugees from Korea, China etc. Their boss becomes like their father and their comrades like brothers.

Yakuza offers not just companionship but also money, status, authority. A part of a group where you feel useful and needed. There are no thresholds or requirements in order to become a member. But when you are inside there is obedience to the superiors.

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